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Pet Sitting  and Overnights


Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter creates an in-home experience for your pet to stay as close to their normal routine as possible while in the comfort of their own home. This reduces stress, resumes customary diet and exercise routines without interruption, no “travel traumas" and less exposure to illness from other animals.

Most importantly your pet receives LOVE and personal attention while you are away!

We customize each visit with the things that are most important to you and your pets. You can also count on the following responsibilities to be taken care of in addition to spending time with your pet:

  • Treats (with permission)

  • Walks/Exercise/Playtime

  • Daily Texts/Pictures/Videos

  • Fresh Water/Food

  • Administering Medication (if needed)

  • Feeding Fish/Chickens/Small Animals

  • Litter and Cage Maintenance

  • Pet Waste Removal

  • Newspaper/Mail/Package Pickup

  • Home Security Checks

  • Water Indoor/Outdoor Plants

  • Taking out Recycle/Trash

  • Supply/Grocery Shopping

  • Just Ask!


 Routine visits average 30-45 minutes but will vary depending on your pets needs.

Rates are carefully determined by the complexity of the visits, duration of visits, administering of medication, amount of pets to be cared for and distance.


PET SITTING 30-45 min = $20-$25*

PET SITTING 45-60 min = $25-$30*


Overnights are a guaranteed 12 hour stay in the clients home to include morning and evening routine. Each visit additional visit will be charged as an extra pet sitting visit per the rates above. 

OVERNIGHT 12 hours = $60-$65*

*Based on Average Rates and are subject to change

We                  all kinds of animals

Dogs, cats, rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, farm animals





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