Weekly - Dog Poop Removal (most popular)

Our weekly dog poop pick up services are ideal for clients with 1-4 dogs. We will come to your home once a week, walk your lawn in a lateral and vertical pattern scooping all dog poop and remove it from your property. Once your yard is clean we can  notify you by text (with your permission) that your yard is doody free and your gate is secure. We can also send you a picture of your closed gate for extra piece of mind. ​

1 Dog - $44 monthly
11.00/per visit

2 Dogs - $50 monthly
$12.50/per visit

3 Dogs - $54 monthly
$13.50/per visit

4 Dogs - $60 monthly
$15.00/per visit


Once Every 2 Weeks

Pet waste removal every two weeks is ideal for clients with 1-3 small dogs or 1 medium to large size dog. We will come to your home once every two weeks, walk your lawn in a lateral and vertical pattern scooping all dog poop and remove it from your property. 

1 Dog $34 monthly
​$17.00/per visit

2 Dogs$37 monthly
$18.50/per visit

3 dogs - $40 monthly
$20.00/per visit

Please note:  ​


Twice Weekly

Dog poop removal twice a week is ideal for clients with 1-5 small to large size dogs depending on yard size and how clean you prefer your yard to be. As with our other two types of services, We will come to your home twice a week, walk your lawn in a lateral and vertical pattern scooping all dog poop and remove it from your property. 

1 Dog - $80 monthly
​$10.00/per visit

2 Dogs - $88 monthly
$11.00/per visit

​​3 Dogs - $100 monthly
$12.50/per visit

4 Dogs - $112 monthly
$14.00/per visit

5 Dogs - $128 monthly
$16.00/per visit


One-Time/Clean up

One time dog poop pick up services are best for clients that normally do the picking up themselves but have been very busy and have not gotten to it for a few weeks/or a few months or they have been injured and are unable to pick up after their dogs for a few weeks. No matter how bad you think your lawn is, we've seen it all. We have scooped lawns and removed anywhere from 2 to 35 bags out of one yard. This is a judgement free zone, we are only here to help.


Recurring Service (weekly, bi-weekly, twice weekly) invoices will be emailed after first service each month. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice date. We offer secure auto drafting, you can choose a date between the 1st and 30th of each month to have your card on file auto drafted for that months services.







We do not conduct pet waste removal on New years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas









We'll be happy to assist you.


































Additional fee may apply for first time "initial" waste removal. Rates are based on average sized yards. Larger properties may be subject to an increased rate.

A Different Breed of Scooper

  • Outstanding Reputation has become the largest pooper scooper services on the Central Coast  because we never lose focus on providing exceptional customer service and care

  • Competitive Rates
    Because of our reputation, we don't spend a lot of money on advertising either, allowing us to pass the savings on to you

  • Professional and Friendly Team Members
    Not independent contractors 

  • No Advance Payments or Contracts Required
    Payments for all services will be due by the 5th day of the month following the service. Start or stop service at any time!

  • Family  Owned and Operated
    Central Coast Poo Patrol is not part of an expensive franchise

  • Satisfaction GUARANTEED!

  • 10% Discount
    for Senior Citizens (65 and over), Disabled and Active Military Clients

  • Equipment Sanitized 
    between every yard so you don't have to worry about the spread of bacteria

    Central Coast Poo Patrol  Gift Certificates are available in any amount.  A unique gift for any occasion or no occasion at all. Perfect for Christmas, Birthdays, Father's Day or Mother's Day